inFORM - Interacting With a Dynamic Shape Display from Tangible Media Group on Vimeo.

inFORM is a Dynamic Shape Display that can render 3D content physically, so users can interact with digital information in a tangible way. inFORM can also interact with the physical world around it, for example moving objects on the table’s surface. Remote participants in a video conference can be displayed physically, allowing for a strong sense of presence and the ability to interact physically at a distance. inFORM is a step toward our vision of Radical Atoms:

Trace - Kijek/Adamski from Strange Beast on Vimeo.

Strange Beast directing duo, Kijek / Adamski, have unveiled their unique film Trace, which is now screening at the Motion Factory animation exhibition at Paris digital arts centre La Gaîté lyrique.

The stop-frame film, which plays on a seamless loop, was specially created for projection onto a 20-metre-wide space and features two characters playing tennis, with the ball’s ‘trace’ through the air made tangible with colourful shapes. The film comprises almost 17000 still images.

Video made for Motion Factory exhibition.
Director: Kijek/Adamski
Production: La Gaite Lyrique
Co/production: Strange Beast / Passion Paris
Executive producer: Sam O’Keefe | Strange Beast, Michał Majewski | SHOOTME
Production manager: Maja Ajnenkiel | SHOOTME
Producer: Emilie Walmsley | Passion Paris, Kitty Turley | Strange Beast
Tennis players: Ewa Kopczyńska, Bartosz Rosłoński
Styrodur cutting: Dawid Krzyżanowski | AD Production
Styrodur painting: Katarzyna Łygońska, Dariusz Skarżyński
Gaffer: Mikołaj Car | Heliograf

Pentimento from Remy Schaepman on Vimeo.

Un matin je me suis dit que je voulais faire un film en huit jours. Et ça tombait bien, je voulais depuis longtemps mettre en mouvement un graphisme très simple, évoquant celui de Sempé ou de Reiser. J’avais ni sous ni temps mais un micro, alors j’ai fait le son avec ma bouche. À la fin ça donne ça. Merci pour votre indulgence.

One day, I realized I wanted to make a film in eight days. And for a long time, I have been longing to animate something really simple in terms of graphic style (like those of Sempé or Reiser). I had neither money nor time, but I had a mike. So I made the soundtrack with my mouth. I ended up with that. Thanks for your leniency.